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AAPH membership and Homeopathic Practice.

AAPH members have in accordance with Hahnemann’s instruction completed exhaustive studies of anatomy (body structure), physiology (body function), pathology (disease process) and a large range of the medications used in homoeopathic practice. The homoeopathic training program that had been developed by the AAPH, the Australian Council for Homoeopathy and the Queensland Departments of Health and Technical Education consisted of 3920 class hours of study over a 4 year period.

AAPH members will determine how a selected homoeopathic medicine will act in the disease or dysfunction displayed by the patient including any relevant changes in disposition.

AAPH members will assess case outcomes based on objective measures and will if it is obvious that a suitable outcome is not being achieved, refer a patient to another practitioner for a second opinion or treatment.

AAPH members recognize that in the Australian health system General Practitioners play the part of a gate-keeper and coordinator for the treatment of their patients. We also recognize that many people use a number of health practitioners of different disciplines, as practitioners who have patient safety and best interests as central to our vocation we are happy to work with and cooperate with any of the other practitioners that a patient requires us to.

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